Field trip – Treewalk Village

It was a partially sunny, but windy day as we set out on a school bus for Bruce’s Mill. Spirits were high, and even though the conservation area is a bare 10 minute drive from the Progressive Montessori Academy, I heard “Are we there yet?” at least three times!

Finally (ten minutes later!) we reached Bruce’s Mill. From a distance we could see the top of the tree houses and, believe it or not, the excitement grew! We placed our bags down on the picnic tables and had a light snack before entering the Treewalk village.

The village is completely fenced in and not as large as I had imagined. It has four tree houses, all connected to each other via nets, ropes and tunnels. Three tall tunnel slides brought the children whooping down from the tree houses!

At the far back there was a maze of tunnels for the children to explore and on one side there were suspended logs to climb on.

After two hours of climbing, crawling, balancing and sliding, the children were ready for lunch. A quick lunch and the children were ready to run around the conservation park, chasing butterflies and picking dandelions!

Altogether a wonderful day!

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