Summer Camp Day 1

blog image 1The children were all very excited to be back at school and were talking about all the cool things they did over the summer so far!

They worked on their favourite activities as they were waiting for their fellow campers to arrive. Soon after everyone had settled down and said their hellos, we began our first chemistry lesson.

Everyone was fascinated by the difference between a solute and a solvent. The children loved figuring out what a mixture and solution were. From there we asked them if they thought certain materials were soluble or insoluble and tested it out. We experimented by putting oil, sprinkles, corn starch, iced tea powder, cocoa powder and pepper in water to see just what they would do – dissolve or stay put. We then decided to make our own solution… cake! Everyone gave a helping hand in making our yummy chocolate cake. The children identified the solutes and solvents they were using while cooking.

After having our tasty treat, the children had recess and lunch then made and decorated origami boomerangs! They were amazed at how they would come right back to them and some children even caught them when the boomerangs came back!

The children had a lovely first day at camp, learning new things and linking them back to things they did over their vacations!

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